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Derrick Sheane - BIO

I’m Derrick Sheane, and DMS Automotive is my business.

We perform Automotive and Heavy Duty truck and trailer repairs, we are CVIP certified, Out of Province Inspection capable and AMVIC approved.

I’ve spent 21 years in the industry, initially starting out as a Tire Technician at Kal Tire in my home town of High Prairie, AB. Over time I enrolled as an Apprentice with the RAP Program. After high school I moved to Grande Prairie and continued working for Kal Tire. I became proficient at everything to do with tires, trouble shooting vibrations and fixing whatever I could. As time went by I wished to get my trade License as an Automotive Service Technician. I had some really good mentors at Kal that made sure I learned to do it the right way.

Four years later I received my Journeyman Certificate with a Red Seal Designation. From there I would take a new challenge at Sanjel as a HD Apprentice.  Again, I lucked out and had some really good mentors, got my Journeyman License with a Red Seal designation there too. I was able to move into a lead role and run a crew of talented individuals.  As the oilfield started to slow I got an opportunity to get back into the retail environment.  I never thought that in my mid 30’s I would start switching jobs when I had a perfectly good one, but I made the jump anyway.

My biggest goal was always to own and operate my own mechanic shop.  I had the skills, but there was a lot to learn about business. I landed at OK Tire in a new role as Service Manager.  Boy, what a learning curve. So many challenges with being the new guy, learning a new role and being the outsider.  There was so much experience there that if you didn’t learn something new every day you were not paying attention.  I had a lot of support from the management team to get me up to pace and see what I was capable of.

Within two years though there was another slow down, cutbacks and layoffs. It was my turn to go and I was okay with it. It was just business. Two years prior I probably would not have accepted that answer but this is the way it had to be.  So talk about motivation to start my own business!  The experience I received while at OK Tire taught me what I needed to know about taking the next step to being independently successful. I got out there, made some contacts, got rolling with some work here and there, working from the garage at home, legitimately with all the licenses in place.

It didn’t take long before I ran out of space. We got into the building we are in now and have been there for 2 years with never a dull day. I went hard there by myself for almost a year before hiring my first employee, the second followed quickly after that.

I started my own business for a couple reasons. I want to provide customer service that is so personable that my customers actually get to know how important they are. We take a lot of pride in being chosen to repair what ails a customer’s vehicle while being as transparent as possible about it. We’re a small shop, my team almost knows our clientele as good as I do and it makes me happy because they appreciate you coming through that door as much as I do.

Another reason is to allow myself the freedom to help my family, friends (old and new) and of course my clients. This has been my passion since I could walk, I’m sure of it.  I get to take a hobby that I love and do it every day.

Running my own business has taught me to look at every situation from multiple angles. What we say and what we mean are sometimes very different, communication is key and I’ve had to really improve my listening and speaking skills to ensure we are all on the same page.  I might ask the same question a couple times in different ways just to make sure we’re on the same page before starting any repair so that there is no disappointment.

At the end of the day, we all have different specialized skills that we are passionate about, and we just want to help as many people with those skills day in and day out, in the most efficient way possible.  My specialty is ensuring your trucks, trailers and motor vehicles are safe and ready to go when you are.  I’ve seen enough good and bad business practices in my travels to appreciate the value of honest, hard work and the long term benefits it creates for all parties involved.

Those who know me already know that I love the mud racing sport, if you want to distract me or really get me babbling you need to ask about this!  We proudly support the local races by participating as one of many proud sponsors, and also a racer. We’ve got a truck currently entered that participates in the top 2 classes.  We’ve had the pleasure to perform some repairs for a few racers who now wear our decals.  We don’t build engines or transmissions but we can get you going if you want to get into this sport!  Look for us and our rig out there, don’t be afraid to come check out the rig either!

Here’s a link to a great run I turned in last year at the Wembley Mud Bogs.  

Oh, and just to clarify one thing, we offer FREE inspections not as a way to get your truck on the hoist and then make up a bunch of BS repairs and required work.  We offer it as a way to stay honest.  We’ve all taken a car to a shop for repair at least once where you know something isn’t running as it should, the shop can’t find the problem, you pick up your car after being inconvenienced from being without your wheels for 2-3 hours and are lighter in the wallet by $200 without being any closer to diagnosing or resolving your issue.  If we can’t find the problem, you don’t pay the bill.  Simple as that.

Our free inspection is this:

Engine light on-free code scan, strange noise when braking or going over bumps-we test drive with you or without if you cannot wait around, also includes free wheel off inspection at which time we will also look over your suspension.

The only time you will be charged for the inspection is if parts like driveshafts need to be removed for inspection or we need to wash an area to identify a leak. You will be notified before we do anything because we want you to make that decision.

We strive to be honest and as transparent as possible with this inspection. We want to treat you fairly and we want to be treated fairly. There are people who abuse these kind of programs and that’s usually why the program disappears.

Myself and my team would be happy to be your go-to mechanic, stop by to see our shop, say hi if  you see me at the mud bogs or give me a call today at 780-876-2151, I’d be happy to help.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!


Derrick Sheane

DMS Automotive LTD
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Jobina AntochowJobina Antochow
23:41 15 Oct 22
Best mechanic shop in the Grande Prairie area! Honest, reliable and never over charge!
James BarronJames Barron
17:34 02 Sep 22
Derrick is honest, fair and incredibly accommodating. Got me out of a jam about 5 years ago and just today I broke down going through town. He got me in same day. Best mechanic I’ve run into in 13 years working in the north. Won’t take my truck anywhere else now.
Joby DeSmetJoby DeSmet
15:59 30 Jul 22
Was advised,after an oil change at another shop, that my transmission pan had a slow leak. Booked in with DMS Automotive,fully expecting an expensive transmission repair. Derrick and crew diagnosed the problem quickly and ended up just doing a simple transmission flush. Honesty and integrity are hard to find nowadays. This shop has definitely earned my repeat business.
Tom TharpTom Tharp
10:44 06 May 22
For all you mechanical needs Derrick and his crew will get you fixed up and back on the road. They work on many different makes and models. Big and small they will fix them all. Highly recommend this place.
21:46 19 Jun 20
Awesome customer service! Derrick was very knowledgeable. Answered all my questions. I had brakes done on my GMC Terrain. Got in and out in the same day. A coworker recommended me to this shop and now I am recomending this shop to the rest of my coworkers. Well Done!